Technical info for prepress

When you are doing your own BC design on computer, you should know following rules for optimal printing results:

1. Raster pictures should be without color profile in CMYK,   
    resolution 300-400 DPI.

2. All fonts converted to curves.

3. Accepted input graphic formats: Corel (up to v12), Illustrator  
    (up to v8), PDF or raster data formats such as TIF, PSD, etc.
4. Please use only one business card in your data files, do not try
     to make print configuration.

5. It is best not to position any text or other objects in 5 mm area
    around borders. If your design use bleed, then please use 3 mm

We can design your business card FREE of CHARGE. Please send us text description of your BC, used logos or scan of your old BC.

              ACTION OFFER:

Ordering more variant of same business card (e.g. different names) result in better - lower price level - quantities are counting up